A woman must endure grade 10 pain during delivery. However loving a husband is, he cannot share the pain, and the only way to repay his gratitude is to let his wife enjoy a cozy confinement and ensure proper care for both mother and child. This is a husband’s best gift for his wife and baby—a gift of love.

Pampering Baby Care for Mother’s Carefree Recuperation

We have a team of experienced senior nannies to take care of babies 24 hours around the clock. Now, mothers can get adequate rest with complete peace of mind

Mrs. Ho has applied her experience and input in every part of the facility and environment, paying attention to every detail in the confinement center that is converted from a bungalow. We want to ensure that mothers can use all facilities safely and comfortably. To this end, we have fitted a lift as well as installed a cold and hot water system throughout the establishment. The beds, besides promoting sleep with cozier and steadier King Koil mattresses (Super single, Queen size, King size etc.), are set at a height that ensures easy access.

Legitimate Business License for Professional Postnatal Care and Home Care by Practicing Nurses

A government-recognized confinement center lets you enjoy the welfare benefits of a public hospital. Since Mrs. Ho & U holds a legitimate license issued by the government, professional nurses are sent here to do free check-up for you and your baby.

No matter where the delivery is done, be it a public or a private hospital, as long as you are a guest of Mrs. Ho & U, nurses will come here to follow up with you on neonatal and postpartum care.

Meticulous & Pampering Care Mrs. Ho’s Way

You can stay in Mrs. Ho & U with your baby immediately after delivery. We will have everything ready for you and the baby, including quality breastfeeding equipment and even breastfeeding outfit specially ordered by Mrs. Ho. Coupled with the cozy environment meticulously created, you and your baby are accorded utmost tender and loving care.

Dedicated assistant waits at all times and feels meticulous care

In addition to Yongmu’s meticulous care of the baby at all times, we have assistants to take care of the rest of the home, around the clock, and helpers for hygiene and chores, and one special person to share breastfeeding knowledge and skills with her mother. There are plenty of people, and everyone is responsible for their duties.

Postnatal Care of Ancient Wisdom for Progressive Recuperation of Mothers

Since time immemorial, ancient people have practiced the wisdom of confinement and postnatal care. Adopting this ancient wisdom, Mrs. Ho has come up with traditional herbal diet, herbal bath, traditional Malay massage etc., blending old and modern postnatal care, to give a one-on-one menu for individual mothers, ensuring good progressive recuperation.

Professional Kitchen Facilities for Nutritious Confinement Menu

Mrs. Ho & U has its own professional kitchen, so the chef can cook according to Mrs. Ho’s special confinement menu to prepare nutritious meal for mothers, serving delicious meal that is instrumental to progressive postnatal recovery at regular hours. End result—a prenatal figure.

A Series of Fashionable Facilities & Professional Services for Mothers to Keep Fit and Elegant

Besides fulfilling confinement needs, we have added fashionable facilities to cater to the needs of modern mothers, such as saunas for detoxification and diuresis, a hair studio, a facial salon, a nail art salon where expert services are provided by professionals to keep you fit and elegant. Confinement has never been so much fun.

24-hour Smart Security System

The entire bungalow is placed under high definition CCTV, and the perimeters are guarded 24/7 to accord air-tight security for you and the baby.